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What We Loved This Week: Necktie Craft Ideas


This week, because Father’s Day is coming up, we’ve got neckties on the brain. They’re an awesome go-to gift for dads, grandfathers, and male role models in general, but let’s face it: giving someone as necktie isn’t very personal or creative. The amazing news is, there are tons of DIY Father’s Day gifts you can make with your dad’s old neckties or with neckties you find at thrift shops. These necktie crafts can also make amazing DIY gifts for a group of groomsmen! And, uh, there are also a few necktie craft ideas you can make for yourself. 😉 We know you’re going to love these amazing DIY gift ideas from some very talented bloggers.

1. Dapper Drink Upcycled Wine Bag from Sadie Seasongoods

2. Thrifted Tie Coffee Cozy from Sadie Seasongoods

3. Necktie Cuff Bracelet from Girl in The Garage

4. DIY Necktie Boutonniere from Craft Foxes

5. Patriotic Necktie Wreath from Sadie Seasongoods

6. Personalized Fedora from StuffStephDoes

7. A New Twist on The Old Necktie from Instructables

8. Necktie Cuff from Ciburbanity

9. Necktie Phone Pouch Tutorial from Bespangled

10. Versatile Necktie Tutorial from The Mother Huddle

Looking for even more necktie craft ideas? Give this Sever Ties Scissor Holder a try.

What are you giving your dad for Father’s Day?