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Quilts to Warm Up With: 10 New Quilt Patterns

Happy New Year’s Eve, sewists! The new year is the perfect time to start on a new quilting project. For one thing, there’s always the excitement of a fresh start that motivates us to try new things and set new goals for ourselves. For another, when it’s so cold outside, there’s nothing quite like staying in and working hard on a hobby!

For all of you who made the resolution to learn how to sew a new quilt in 2019, we’ve got you covered. These 10 free quilt patterns are the newest bed quilts to be added to FaveQuilts.com, so you know you’re getting the freshest patterns out there! If you’re not quite finished with your quilting projects from 2018, don’t worry – sometimes starting on a new project is just what we need to inspire us to come back and finish our old ones. If you have finished, though, you’re sure to find your new quilt crush below!

quilt patterns to warm up withQuilts to Warm Up With: 10 New Quilt Patterns

Storm-at-Sea-Quilt-PatternPeppermint Mocha Chain Quilt – All the fun of a peppermint mocha with none of the calories – but it’ll keep you just as warm!

Northbound Modern Quilt Pattern – Who doesn’t love a scrapbuster? This pretty quilt has a geometric design that’s guaranteed to impress.

Dashing Stars Quilt Pattern – A fun, scrappy quilt that can brighten up any room in no time at all.

Storm at Sea Quilt Pattern – This gorgeous bed quilt pattern would be an absolutely mesmerizing start to the new year.

Interlock Modern Quilt Pattern – You’ve never seen a quilt quite like this one before – it’s so modern and unique.Interlock-Modern-Quilt-Pattern

Freaky Fast Four-Patch Quilt – Want a quick project that you can finish in no time? This four-patch quilt is super easy!

Marie Antoinette Triangle Quilt – You’ll feel like royalty working on this cute quilt that’s definitely fit for a queen.

Fat Quarter Country Quilt – This quilt belongs on a country estate – it’s classic and chic, just like you!

Fat-Quarter-Country-QuiltSnowball Nine-Patch Pattern – You could easily use 2018’s leftover charm pack pieces to make this nine-patch quilt.

Fizzy Fat Quarter Quilt – This colorful quilt reminds us that no matter how long winter feels, summer will be here in just a few short months.

Vernas Layer Cake Quilt Pattern – A fun, feminine, floral quilt that’s sure to bring out the girly girl in all of us!

What kind of quilt are you working on now?