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No-Fuss Backyard Parties: DIY Garland and More

Beautiful Party BuntingIt’s nearly summer time! The weather is warm and summer parties are springing up everywhere. You’ll want to make some decorations for your next backyard party, whether it’s for a holiday or birthday party.

DIY parties are all about having fun, which is why you’ll want to sew up some simple games to play for children and adults alike. Most of these decorations are also functional like the bowl covers to keep your snacks and food safe from bugs. The kids can have their own place to play with a DIY tent while the adults have their own conversations and games in the great outdoors. DIY garland is the simplest way to decorate, but you might get some more elaborate ideas from the rest of these sewing patterns.

These DIY decor sewing projects range from DIY garland and DIY napkins to DIY games and a hammock. Take your pick or try them all out for your next backyard party!

For the ambiance:

  1. Beautiful Party BuntingPatio Placemats
  2. DIY Party Decor Fabric Garland
  3. Just-for-Summer DIY Garland
  4. DIY Ruffle Garland
  5. Potted Plant Fabric Basket Tutorial
  6. Make Your Own Outdoor Curtains!

For your snack or food table:

  1. No-More-Bugs Bowl Cover
  2. Simple Yet Elegant DIY Napkins
  3. Super Easy Napkins and Table Runner
  4. Your plates and plastic forks won’t blow away!
  5. One Minute DIY Coasters
  6. Bandana Quilt Tablecloth
  7. You’ll hit it out of the park with these napkins

Some fun in the sun:

  1. Bean Bag Toss Tutorial
  2. Upcycled Denim Tic Tac Toe
  3. How to Make a Fairy Cottage
  4. DIY Rustic Checkers Game
  5. DIY Ping Pong Net
  6. Tic Tac Toe Yo Yo Game Board
  7. Hopscotch Alphabet for Kids
  8. Perfect for cornhole!

Grown-ups, Keep out:

  1. Fox Teepee, Baby Quilt, and Pom Pom Pillows
  2. Pretend it’s Neverland!
  3. Easier to build than a pillow fort
  4. Hit RELAX with this DIY hammock

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