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17 Outdoorable Quilt Patterns for Picnics

The next time you take your little ones to the park for a picnic, don’t forget to bring a soft blanket to sit on! These 17 “outdoorable” quilt patterns are perfect for summertime fun and spending time in the great outdoors with your favorite people.

Modern Garden Quilt

17 Outdoorable Quilt Patterns for Picnics

Whether you’re taking your grandkids outside for lunch, having a barbecue with extended family, or going to a church picnic, you want to have something nice to sit on instead of the hard ground. Summer quilting patterns are a great option.

Rail Fence Picnic BlanketCheck out the amazing projects below to find the perfect blanket for you and your family to enjoy during the warm season.

  1. Here Comes the Sun (do doo do doo)
  2. Easy Peasy Picnic Pattern  The beginner’s quilt
  3. A-Maze-ing Blanket for Summer
  4. Down-to-Earth Tablemat
  5. Picnic Blanket with Rock Pockets  What a great idea!
  6. Lazy Days Quilt Pattern
  7. Modern Garden Quilt
  8. Super Easy Slice of Summer
  9. Rail Fence Picnic Blanket
  10. Bug Jar Quilt
  11. Ready for the Church PicnicScrappy Mountain Majesties Quilt  A fantastic way to use up leftover fabric
  12. Umbrella-Friendly Patio Table Topper
  13. Ready for the Church Picnic
  14. San Tan Valley Quilt
  15. Corner Blocks Picnic Blanket
  16. Summer Lovin’ Squares  Super easy
  17. Rugged Denim Blanket


What is your favorite food to bring on a picnic?