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Patriotic Fabric Wreath

Patriotic wreath (10)

My sister-in-law, Sandy,  wanted a red, white, and blue wreath, so being the good sister-in-law that I am and being that it was her birthday and being that it just so happens I had some patriotic prints in my stash, I ran to Joann’s with my 50% off coupon for a wire wreath base and found star buttons that were just the thing. I couldn’t resist getting a bouquet of navy blue roses, either, to add some more pizzazz. Some small white roses that were just laying around set the blue ones off nicely.

-You will need-

1 yard each of red, white and blue prints or solids

Stars (I used buttonsvarious sizes. You could cut your own from foam core board, etc.)

Wire wreath formsize of your choice. (I used 20″.)

Floral bouquet (optional)

Patriotic wreath (1) Patriotic wreath (3) Patriotic wreath (4)

-Let’s get started-

Cut 6 strips9″ x 22″ from white

Cut 7 strips9″ x 22″ from red

Cut 7 strips9″ x 22″ from blue

Fold each strip in half and loop them onto the wire wreath, alternating red and white, 7 blue strips together.

Patriotic wreath (11)

Glue stars randomly on the blue strips, wire, or hot glue flowers.

Patriotic wreath (8) Patriotic wreath (9)

Your wreath is ready to hang.

May the joy of crafting be upon you!

Carolyn Wainscott


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