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Quilt Like an Emmy Winner

Emmy AwardSo the Emmy’s just happened, and we loved the glamorous red carpet looks. Cheers to Uzo Aduba for her “Orange Is the New Black” win! (If you’ve seen the television show, she plays the character of “Crazy Eyes”).

In fact, we were so inspired that we’ve decided to make an entire blog post about stars (well, star quilt patterns).

Learn how to make the best star quilt blocks and larger star quilts. You’re guaranteed to feel like a winner yourself.

Which of these quilt patterns do you think deserves an award?


Star Quilt Blocks

7 Pointed Star BlockLike a good actor or actress, you’ve got to start somewhere. Try out these quilt blocks today!

1) 7 Pointed Star Block

2) Arkansas Snowflake Star Quilt Block

3) New England Cross Star Block

4) Lone Starburst Paper Piece Block

5) Texas Heaven Banded Star Block


Star Quilt Patterns

Royal Star Quilt1) Royal Star Quilt

2) Starry Fig Tree Quilt

3) Sunday in the Park Baby Quilt

4) Starry Night Baby Quilt

5) Big Star Baby Blanket


Star Free Motion Designs

Shining Star Free Motion DesignThese free motion designs are for seamstresses and quilters who are looking for a bit of a challenge.

1) Shining Star Free Motion Design

2) Starry Eyed Surprise Free Motion Design

3) Shine Bright Free Motion Design

4) Stars and Loops Pattern

5) Continuous Starburst Quilting


Which Do You Prefer? Star Quilt Blocks, Star Quilt Patterns, or Star Free Motion Designs? Tell Us Your Thoughts in the Comment Section Below!

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