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Reversible Holiday Teapot Cozy

Tea-lovers are arguably the best people around. They always know the hottest cafés in town. They’re always down to treat you to a scrumptious new drink, whether it be morning, noon, or night. Best of all, they’re lovers of the simple pleasures in life: the warmth of a freshly brewed teapot glowing into their palms and the aromatic steam of cozy chamomile wafting into the air.

Even though I adore my caffeinated and/or zen tea-drinker friends, there’s one conundrum that always stumps me: What on Earth do I get them for the holidays? I’ve gone for all of the obvious targets, from antique teacups to explorer sets of tea bags. However, I don’t want to bore them with the same old go-tos that everyone who hears about their connoisseur status gets.

So what’s a crafty gal to do?

Worry no more! The next time I have to get a gift for one of my epicure besties, I have my gift idea at the ready: a Reversible Tea Pot Cozy. This gift is a cinch to make, and because it’s handmade, you can be sure that it has all the warmth of a cup of tea sewn into its seams. Your tea-lover won’t be able to stop thanking you for this adorable craft!

Reversible Tea Pot Cozy

By Ann Strecko Koeman

Here’s a reversible teapot cozy for the holiday season: Owl for fall and Santa’s Belt for Christmas.

"Owl Fall for Autumn" Reversible Tea Pot Cozy

“Owl Fall for Autumn” Reversible Tea Pot Cozy

"H0-H0-H0 Santa's Holding the Tea pot warm"

“H0-H0-H0 Santa’s Holding the Tea pot warm”



Make Pattern using a paper plate with bottom part cut off to trace template onto paper. Add 1/2 inch seam around curved edge.


Cut 4 pieces of fabric (two in the red, and two in the brown) from the large curved piece.


Cut the shapes out of the black, gold, yellow, and white. Cut one strip (black) long as width of cozy, and 2 inches wide for the belt. The buckle is made out of a rectangular piece of metallic gold fabric (Index card size). Optional: cut two strips of brown fabric to make rows of feathers for the owl.

Cut 2 pieces of the fleece in the same pattern


Sew shapes to front pieces of each cozy.

Sew fleece pieces to wrong sides of one of the cozies.


Sew two pieces of each cozy right sides facing.

Now that you have two cozies, one has a fleece lining and the other does not. Place one cozy inside the other, wrong sides together.


Pin Double fold bias tape to bottom edge catching both cozies together.


The question to end all questions: Tea or coffee before sewing? Let us know below in the comments!

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