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12 Days of Christmas: Day 7!

Today is Day 7 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. You can enter each day to win the prize of the day! Contest rules and how to enter are below.

12 Days of Christmas

Today’s Project

On the seventh day of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, my true love gave to me … Robbing Peter To Pay Paul Quilt from Leisure Arts!

Robbing Peter To Pay Paul Quilt


Yardage is based on 43″/44″w fabric.


All measurements include a 1/4″ seam allowance. Borders include extra length for “insurance”; trim borders after measuring completed center section of quilt top. Click here download Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Quilt templates and additional instructions.

  1. From black print: 
    1. Cut 9 strips 91/2″w, cut 36 squares from these
      strips, 91/2″ x 91/2″.
    2. Cut 37 strips 2″w.
    3. Cut 2 lengthwise strips 51/2″ x 80″ for top/bottom outer borders.
    4. Cut 2 lengthwise strips 51/2″ x 99″ for side outer borders.
  2. From tan print:
    1. Cut 37 strips 2″w.
    2. Cut 9 strips 91/2″w. From these strips, cut 36 squares 91/2″ x 91/2″.
  3. From black solid:
    1. Cut 2 lengthwise strips 21/4″ x 89″ for side inner borders.
    2. Cut 2 lengthwise strips 21/4″ x 76″ for top/bottom inner borders.


  1. Sew 8 squares together to make Row. Make 9 Rows.801472_Q_Robbing_Peter-2-Rowmake9
  2. Sew Rows together to make Center Section of quilt top.
  3. Sew strips together to make Strip Set. Make 32 Strip Sets.
  4. (Note: White or light-colored fabrics may need to be lined with fusible interfacing before applying fusible web to prevent darker fabrics from showing through.)  Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse web to wrong sides of Strip Sets and remaining strips. Remove paper backing.
  5. Follow Step 1 of Template Cutting, found here.
  6. Referring to Step 2 of Template Cutting (found on page 6 of the downloadable PDF) and placing center line of template on seamline, use Template A to cut 127 A’s from Strip Sets (Fig. 1). Use Template B to cut 17 B’s from remaining black print strips and 17 B’s from remaining tan print strips. Find templates and instructions here.
  7. Referring to Fig. 2, follow Invisible Appliqué, page 6, to stitch A’s over seamlines of Center Section and to stitch B’s at outside edges of outer squares.
  8. Sew top, bottom, then side inner borders to Center Section. Add top, bottom, then side outer borders to complete Quilt Top.
  9. Mark, layer, and quilt, using Quilting Diagram (found on page 3 of the downloadable PDF)  as a suggestion. Our quilt is machine quilted.
  10. Bind quilt as desired.



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