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Seams and Scissors Giveaway Winners + Your Feedback!

Thank you everyone for participating in our first giveaway hosted on Seams and Scissors! Your responses were incredibly helpful! Congratulations to our two winners, Sandy and Anita, for their participation in this contest. Here’s what they wanted to see more of on Seams and Scissors:


Seams and ScissorsI’m trying to get my sewing mojo back on course after several years, so would love a listing of sites that have free sewing patterns to print or download. I’d also like to see up-cycling ideas for clothes and other items.

Take Care, Sandy

Seams and ScissorsI love the whole idea of this site!! As for what I would be interested in is ideas for my grands who are learning along with me… any tips you have to offer about sewing, fabrics, threads etc and how to do different things with our machines… sorry to be so vague with ideas right now but I just want to learn more.


Awesome input, Sandy and Anita! We are so pleased with this contest because it informed us of how we can improve as we grow! You told us what techniques were difficult and what the sewing community lacks in general.
Tutorials for teens, basic sewing tips, and gift ideas were all included in the list of projects that you’d like to see more of in this sewing space. The most sought-after project though? Plus-sized patterns. The responses were practically unanimous. There is a serious lack of plus-sized clothing patterns and tutorials in the big, bad world of sewing and you’d like to see more. To celebrate today we found this video tutorial from Psycho Sue’s Retro Sewing for Plus Size channel. In this tutorial Sue walks through taking a vintage pattern (a split collar) and adjusting it for a larger size using a sloper. It’s an awesome step-by-step that includes an additional link to finding where you can buy and create your own sloper. Watch the video tutorial here!

How to Adapt A Vintage Pattern to Plus Size

We really enjoyed Psycho Sue’s tutorial because she explained each step at a steady pace and is pretty funny as well. Hopefully you’ll like this tutorial as well!

Do you learn best through video or hand-written tutorials?