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Sewing for Kids: Monster Finger Puppets Pattern

Here’s the nightmare scenario: it’s a rainy day and the kids are stuck inside, bored. Usually this is a recipe for trouble, but with this Monster Finger Puppets Pattern from Swoodson Says, your kids can kiss their boredom goodbye! Transform fabric scraps into cute little monsters and aliens. Your kids can have fun drawing a backdrop while you sew, and when you’re finished, you can all put together a puppet show! Since they’re monsters, it’s okay if they don’t look exactly rightperfect for the beginner just learning how to sew or for the mom in a bit of a rush. Your kids will love getting to use their creativity to come up with the monsters’ story (and you’ll love the peace and quiet that comes from having occupied kids!).

20398695754_bdb7f4c0b4_oClick here for the full tutorial!

How else do you use your crafting to entertain your kids? Let us know below in the comments!

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