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No Way Rosé : 12 Sewing Patterns Inspired by Wine

If you like wine, the color pink, and free sewing patterns, you’ll want to keep reading. As soon as the PANTONE® Fashion Color Report for Spring 2016 came out, I was super excited! One of their top 10 colors was Rose Quartz, a soft rosé wine color. It’s a simply stunning color and everyone seems to be obsessed with it.


Rosé reminds me of blushing on a first date, fresh pink roses, and the sun setting on a desert. It’s the perfect color for a little girl’s dress and even a feminine dress for a woman. These sewing patterns include everything from DIY accessories and DIY pillows to DIY clothes and DIY dresses. In no time, your life will be filled to the brim with rosé-colored items and clothing!

  1. Blush Rose Fitted DIY DressBlush Rose Fitted DIY Dress
  2. Rose Petal Dress
  3. Roses and Ruffles Scarf Tutorial
  4. Wine Bottle DIY Tote
  5. Pink Blush Scalloped DIY Dress
  6. Plum Peachy Ruffled Pillow
  7. Pink Colors Quilt Tutorial
  8. Pretty in Pink Girl’s Dress Pattern
  9. Wink Pink DIY Laptop Sleeve
  10. Pink Scalloped DIY Pillow
  11. Pink Colors Quilt Tutorial
  12. Simple Stripes DIY Cardigan

What kind of sewing pattern would you use the rosé color for?