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Try This! Sewing Trivia and Quilting Quiz

I’m super excited to be writing this. We are going to try out this new Sewing Trivia and Quilting Quiz on PlayBuzz. I love Buzzfeed more than anything in the world. It gives me a giant black hole of distraction for when I need to be writing papers or reading novels for class. It’s child is PlayBuzz—an even bigger black hole of distraction. Luckily for us we were able to make a lovely quiz that will test your knowledge of sewing and quilting facts, history, and trivia. This is the first, that I know, of us doing a quiz like this, so I’m so stoked to see how you guys like it.


You really can’t find too many sewing quizzes on the internet, but by putting it on PlayBuzz, we can expose the younger generation to the world of sewing. It is such an under-appreciated hobby that these facts and tidbits can hopefully shock the world with how incredible this skill is. Think about it. You guys are creating incredible DIY projects with your own hands and a little help from a machine. Whether you are just starting out with easy beginner projects or have been sewing/quilting for 50 years, you guys are continuing a form of art that has been around for centuries. It’s easy for your talents to be taken advantage of when there are huge factories producing millions of items in such a short amount of time, but they don’t appreciate the excitement of picking out a fabric, cutting and piecing it together, and finally being able to use or wear that project. They do it because it’s their job, you do it because you love it.

John Gallaher, a professor of mine and a published poet, once told me, “It’s okay to like what you like.” It’s such a simple phrase, but it means so much because sometimes society as a whole is not nice to those who like things different from everyone else. I’m here to tell you to not get discouraged for any reason—whether it’s from people giving you a hard time about liking something that seems “old fashioned,” or because you’re just starting out in a new area and you’re not catching the hang of it. It’s okay. These things take time and you do it for yourself.

I’ll get off my pedestal now. Be sure to challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter by sharing it!


How did you do? What surprised you the most?


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