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Sewing with Bias Tape Part 2: How to Sew a Bias Faced Neckline

Bias facing is one of my favourite neckline finishes. It’s clean, professional and quick. Now that you’ve mastered how to make your own bias tape, here’s how to use it as a neckline facing (although this technique also applies to armhole facings and hems as well!) You’ll be surprised at how easy this technique is to master.

Step 1

Start by pressing open one edge of your bias tape.

Step 2

Line up the centre of your bias strip with the centre front of your neckline, raw edges even, and pin in place…

Step 3

Using the steam setting on your iron, shape the bias to follow the curve of your neckline. Bias curves. It’s one of its many magical properties!

Step 4

Repeat all around the front neckline and pin in place…

Step 5

When you reach the shoulders, roll the shoulder seams forward an inch or so. So you can
continue over the shoulders and onto the back neckline….

Step 6

Shape the bias and pin in place…

Step 7

Now flip the garment over and continue pinning around the remainder of the back neckline. To join the bias tape, press the free ends right up against each other as shown..

Step 8

Then use the crease you pressed to line up the ends of the bias tape, RS together and sew together with a straight stitch…

Step 9

Press open, trim excess, and pin in place like so.

Step 10

Stitch all the way around about ¼” in from the raw edge…

Step 11

Notch the seam allowance taking care not to cut through the stitching…

Step 12

Press the bias tape and all seam allowances up and away from the neckline…

Step 13

Now understitch right along the edge of the bias tape. You’ll be sewing through the tape and the seam allowances…

Step 14

Turn, press and pin the bias tape to the inside of the neckline aaaaand finally….

Step 15

From the right side, sew about ¼”in from the neck edge, catching the bias tape
underneath. And pat yourself on the back for a job well done. 🙂


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