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11 SUPER Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Don’t panic, but Valentine’s Day is in one week. It’s okayI haven’t come up with a gift for my gal pals yet, so if you’ve put your gifting off until the last minute, you’re not alone! Luckily, AllFreeSewing has some amazing last-minute (and I mean LAST-minute) Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can make in no time flatI’m talking an hour, tops. Whether you just remembered you should do something for your favorite coworker or you have a best friend you want to appreciate, these gift ideas are just the thing to show someone you care without spending a ton of time, money, or effort! Because let’s be honestwe’re all busy people. Let’s save the heavy-duty handmade gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas and get to making these easy DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

Last-Minute Valentines Day Gifts11 SUPER Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

handsewn-teabags-tied-to-yummy-cookiesThe Sweetest DIY Tea Bag – So easy but SO cute! Perfect for your sweet-ea (get it?)

Be Mine Fabric Bookmark – Your bookworm friend will love this easy gift.

Heart Shaped Pot Holders – These are so cute, your pals will keep them up all year long!

Scrappy-Love-DIY-Notebook-CoverScrappy Love DIY Notebook Cover – The perfect gift for the writer in your life.

Scraptacular Raggedy Heart Coasters – Use up your scraps to make these fun and functional coasters!

Framed Ruffly Heart – Easy wall decor they can leave up all year!

Change of Heart Coin Purse Pattern – Who doesn’t have spare change rattling around their purse?!

modern heart sachetValentine Sweater Stuffies – These would be an adorable addition to V-day gift wrap, or pinned to a thoughtful note!

Hello Heart Fabric Sachets – Easy and elegant, these lovely sachets are a classic gift.

Strawberry Pincushion Scrap Buster – They might not taste as good as their chocolate-dipped cousins, but they sure are cute!Sachets

Modern Heart Sachet – Customize it with a cute embroidered design!

Who are you gifting for this Valentine’s Day? Let us know below in the comments!

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