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The Thrifty Quilter: 13 Quilts from Recycled Materials

Avid quilters know that their love for quilting can become expensive after buying so much fabric over the years. Not to fear! The Thrifty Quilter: 13 Quilts from Recycled Materials will help you out with this problem. With budget-friendly quilts from materials you have around the house, you can continue your love for quilting while saving some money on fabric.

The Thrifty Quilter - 13 Quilts from Recycled Materials Collage

This quilting collection has tons of creative and fun ways to stay thrifty while you quilt. You’d be surprised at the things you can use for quilts just lying around your house. These are all great recycled crafts as well because you probably were planning on getting rid of some of these scrap fabric items in your house anyway. Check out this list before you donate those old clothes because you can turn them into fun quilts! You’ll be so excited to try quilting with these reusable materials.

T-Shirt Quilt Patterns

T-Shirt Memory Quilt

Quilting with t-shirts has become quite the crafting trend, and these t-shirt quilt patterns will get you in on all the fun. Gather up your teen son or daughter’s school t-shirts to make a really fun graduation gift too.

Denim Quilt Patterns

Country Denim Quilt Pattern

For those of you who grew up in the ’70s and ’80s, you probably have stockpiles of old denim jeans that were all the rage. Of course, denim jeans never really went out of fashion, so you can turn them into denim crafts by making these denim quilt patterns.

More Recycled Fabric Quilts

Vintage Hankie Quilt for Baby

Find even more recycled scrap quilt patterns in this last section of our collection. There are a couple baby quilt patterns for the precious newborns in your life. You can reuse Grandpa’s old hankie too! You’re sure to have these fabrics lying around your home just waiting to be turned into a super warm quilt.

Make a Quilt...Without Spending a Dime

Find more ideas and thrifty quilt patterns with how to Make a Quilt…Without Spending a Dime!

Which recycled fabric are you going to try quilting with? Let us know below in the comments!