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The Ultimate Fabric Guide: Our 9 Essential Tips

Over here at Seams and Scissors, we’re big on tips. We have a whole category full of sewing tips and tricks to help you become a better sewist, quilter, or both. But that category can be pretty daunting if you’re just dipping your toes in to our little ol’ blog for the first time. To make things a little easier, today I’m bringing you our 9 best tips when it comes to one topic – fabric. From care and maintenance to sewing it together, these are our 9 best tips when it comes to fabric’s involvement in the sewing process (and admittedly, it’s a pretty big part of the sewing process.) Check out the links below to get the details on whatever fabric-induced ailment you’re suffering from!

the ultimate fabric guideThe Ultimate Fabric Guide: Our 9 Essential Tips

Types of Fabric – Figure out what kind of fabric is right for your sewing project!

The Anatomy of Fabric – A video tutorial about the anatomy of fabric – super interesting!

How to Choose Fabric for Rag Quilts – The rules for rag quilts are a little different than for your standard sewing project. Make sure you get it right!

How to Press Fabric – You can’t start sewing on wrinkled fabric. Learn how to press it the right way – it’s not the same as ironing!

How to Cut Fabric Perfectly Every Time – Cutting fabric can be stressful – and expensive if you do it wrong. Learn how to get it perfect every time!

How to Wash and Care for Vintage Fabrics – You’ve got to treat vintage fabrics a little differently than their newer counterparts. Here’s what to do.

How to Organize Fabric – How to keep your sewing space uncluttered and your fabric nice and neat.

5 Ways to Iron Without an Iron – Perfect for when you’re in a pinch!

How to Gather Fabric – Learn how to get that gathered look in your sewing projects – especially useful for learning how to sew a skirt.

How to Sew Faux Fur – Sewing with faux fur can be tricky, but we take the mystery out of it with this tutorial!

Do you have any fabric-related tips to share?