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Tip: Don’t forget the prep work!

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Hi, Sewists. It is Tuesday again and after the long holiday weekend, we are all very ready to settle into our sewing stations and finish up those last minute Christmas sewing projects. I don’t know about you, but the editors of AllFreeSewing.com are turning into little sewing elves! We put off sewing those gifts for way too long and now we have to figure out how to sew as fast as we can! So, in the spirit of this last-minute creating, we have a really quick Sewing Tips and Tricks Tuesday for you! #TGITT, right? Today I’m equipped with more of a reminder than a tip! This week’s Sewing Tips and Tricks Tuesday is: Don’t forget the prep work!

Making sure you are ready to sew is so important! I cannot tell you how many times I forgot to check my needle or how much thread I had left in my bobbin only to have my project come to a screaming, disastrous halt that I could have 100% prevented with some smart prep work! Think about it like this- before you go on a long road trip, you pack up, you arm yourself with a plan, and you make sure your car is in working order. Before you take a sewing trip, do the same with your space! To make this easier, I have made this before you sew checklist for you to use. Forgetful? Print a handful of these free sewing printables out and keep them in your sewing room or hang one up in your sewing space!
Time to Sew Checklist



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