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Tip: Hem jeans longer in the back to accommodate high heels.

Sewing Tips and Tricks Tuesday

When it comes to hemming, there is one thing that absolutely everyone should know how to hem and that is pants – particularly jeans! It can be hard to find pants that fit perfectly and knowing how to hem jeans can change your life by saving you a ton of money. Whether you are an experienced seamstress or brand new sewist, this is one of those sewing tips and tricks that is going to blow your mind. This Sewing Tips and Tricks Tuesday we are going to show you exactly how to hem jeans so that they look flawless. It isn’t that hard! If you know how to hem already, you’re ready to go. You just need to follow this one tip! The tip this Tuesday is:

How to Hem Jeans

Make jeans longer in the back while hemming to accommodate high heels.


Heels and jeans are an amazing combo. Adding the low-key look of denim to the high style of heels can really up your wardrobe game. The problem is it can be hard to find jeans that look right with heels, especially if you’re not looking to roll your jeans or wear skin-tight skinny jeans. All you need to do to learn how to hem jeans to wear with heels is measure it correctly. Make the back hem just a bit longer than the front and you will be good to go!

article-2240964-1649DA31000005DC-31_634x707You’ll feel as gorgeous as the Kate Middleton when you make sure your heels and jeans fit just right!




How to Hem: Basic Double Fold HemDon’t know how to hem?

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How do you hem your jeans?