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Tip: Learn the right type of fabric to use for your projects.

Sewing Tips and Tricks Tuesday

True sewists know that fabric is not just fabric. The right types of fabric make or break projects. If you are brand new to the art of stitching, it can hard to know or figure out which fabric to use for what project. Sure, you know what patterns and prints are pretty, but that is not the most important part. This is why for this week’s Sewing Tips and Tricks Tuesday we are here to tell you what types of fabric you should use for different sewing patterns. This is especially important for your wearable sewing projects as you want them to fit perfectly. Beginner sewists or stitching experts who are new to making free clothing patterns are going to love having this little infographic handy. Print this free sewing printable out and hang it in your sewing room or even keep it saved on your phone or tucked into your purse the next time you check out the fabric store.

Learn what type of fabric to use for your sewing projects.


Sewing for Beginners: Types of Fabric




Sewing for Beginners: Types of FabricCheck out Sewing for Beginners: Types of Fabric for more info on fabric.

Learn even more about different types of fabric with this quick and concise list from the editors of AllFreeSewing.com. From cotton to lace, this post will answer all of your questions.



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