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Tip: Stitch fabric edges before washing.

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

We know the debate is still raging on as to whether or not you need to wash fabric before a sewing project. Many sewists swear by it while others do it when the mood strikes them. Still others are vehemently against it! Here at Seams and Scissors, we have yet to make our decision. Our quilting editor says it “depends on the project”. One of our sewing editors says it is “only for clothing”, while I am in the camp of washing fabric before a project… if I feel like it! But I digress! This Sewing Tips and Tricks Tuesday is not about that debate (though we would love to hear your opinions in the comments section). Today we are going to show you how to avoid fraying when you do decide to wash fabric. This is a surprisingly simple tip!


When washing your fabric, stitch the edges with a loose straight or zig zag stitch to avoid fraying.





How to Sew: Wash Fabric Before Sewing

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How often do you wash your fabric before starting a project?

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