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Trend Alert: 20 Aquamarine Summer Sewing Projects

This summer, the color blue is seriously trending. Blue is one of those colors everyone loves; it looks great on everyone, there are tons of flattering shades of blue, and it works for every season. Blue is so ubiquitous that navy blue practically counts as a neutral color now, along with black and taupe. Also, according to a worldwide survey, blue is the most popular color across several continents, including the US, Australia, and China! It’s no wonder that we’re absolutely obsessed with this particular hue.

Of course, in the summer, lighter shades of blue abound. There’s something so airy and effortless about aquamarine blue. You can wear it to the beach or to brunch, and it’ll always be in style. That’s why we gathered up some of our favorite easy sewing projects to satisfy our need for this hue! There’s no need to buy trendy clothes when you can go ahead and make them yourself. These ultra flattering, ultra chic free sewing patterns are just what you need for summer–and for the rest of the year, too. Now, I know I love wearing blue, but I want to hear from you, as well. What’s your favorite color to wear in the summer? Comment below and let us know!

Get ready for your one-stop shop for everything aquamarine. These sewing patterns are simply stunningand oh-so-trendy.

Trend Alert: Aquamarine Summer Sewing Patterns

Trend Alert: 20 Aquamarine Summer Sewing Projects

  1. Cool Blue DIY Maxi Skirt
    Porcelain Blue Pencil Skirt
  2. Beachy Blue Pin Tuck Pillow
  3. Aquamarine Elastic Bracelet
  4. High-wasted Sapphire Skirt
  5. Aquamarine Afternoon Dress
  6. Pocketed Round Azure Makeup Bag
  7. Special Occasion Girls’ Skirt Pattern
  8. Lisa’s Aquamarine Crop Top
  9. Little Blue Bird Applique
  10. Scrappy Blue Grocery Bag
  11. Pastel Blue Macaron Pillow
  12. Refashioned Blue Striped Skirt
  13. Wallace the Aquamarine Whale Pattern
  14. Blue Blazin Bag
  15. Porcelain Blue Pencil Skirt
  16. 1920s Blue Cloche Hat
  17. Blue Umbrellas Pillow
  18. Aquamarine Sweater Weather Bag
  19. Blue Bells Lace Skirt
  20. Flattering Blue DIY Skirt

What’s your favorite color to wear in the summer? Let us know in the comments below!