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Trend Report: 23 Geometric Quilt Patterns

One of the hottest trends in quilting this year? Bright and bold geometric quilt patterns! Nothing says fresh and modern like crisp edges, strong colors, and high contrast. Everything geometric has been trending in the crafting world for the past few years, so it’s no wonder that quilting is also hopping on this trend. If you’ve been searching for a way to shake up your quilting routine, or just love the crisp and clean look of modern quilts, then you’ll love this collection of 23 geometric quilt patterns.

Plus, take a look at this brand new tutorial on How to Make Flying Geese. It’s a beautiful and traditional pattern using squares and triangles.
Trend Report: 23 Geometric Quilt Patterns

A throwback to the Pop Art movement of the 1960s, geometric quilts are a fantastic way to play with bright color and stream-lined design. This list of geometric quilt patterns ranges from circle quilts that are perfect for practicing curves to fun triangle quilts that are new and modern. Pick your favorite shape and get ready to let your imagination play with this charming quilt trend!

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Trend Report: 23 Geometric Quilt Patterns

Spots of Color: Circle Quilt Patterns

Moon Phases Quilt Tutorial

Moon Phases Quilt Tutorial

Polka Dot Free Applique Designs

Colorful Confetti Quilt Tutorial

Hooked Hexagons Block Tutorial

Quarter Circle Quilt Block Pattern

Thinking Outside the Box: Square Quilt Patterns

Love Squared Quilt Pattern

Love Squared Quilt Pattern

Fine Line Log Cabin Quilt

First Aid Quilt Pattern

Grayscale Jelly Roll Quilt Tutorial

Interlock Modern Quilt Pattern

Baby Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Trigonometry 101: Triangle Quilt Patterns

College Dorm Triangles Quilt

College Dorm Triangles Quilt

Modern Mountain Block Tutorial

Simple Strip Tube Quilt Tutorial

Dutch Ombre Baby Quilt Tutorial

One-Day Triangle Quilt Tutorial

Make It Modern: Other Modern Quilt Patterns

Modern Wonderland Quilt Pattern

Modern Wonderland Quilt Pattern

Summer Sun HST Strip Block

Off the Rails Quilt Pattern

To the Point Quilt Pattern

Miami Connections Block Quilt Tutorial

Mod Melons Quilt Pattern

Modern Chevron Baby Quilt

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