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11 On the Wall DIY Organizers for Your Sewing Room

Figuring out how to organize your sewing room is not always easy. In a perfect world, we would all have a spacious, well-lit room filled with yards and yards of well-organized fabric and the hum of a brand new machine. Truth is though, we all cannot be so lucky. Most of us live in crowded homes, smaller apartments, or other cramped places where we need small space solutions for our very big sewing habit! That is why I absolutely love learning how to sew up DIY organizers that can help me keep organized. Even better, organizers that hang on the wall keep stuff off your sewing space and open up a ton of room. 11 On the Wall DIY Organizers for Your Sewing Room are flawless and fun solutions for your sewing room (or corner).

Some sewn organizers are small and some DIY organizers are bulky, big, and made to carry a lot of weight. The organizing ideas below offer a handful of small space solutions for holding whatever you needed stocked away. From tucking away tools like scissors and seam rippers to filing away sewing patterns for a later use, these DIY organizers will not disappoint.

DIY Organizers

11 On the Wall DIY Organizers for Your Sewing Room

  1. DIY Sewing Organizer – This one is so charming you might want it in every room in the house.
  2. Sewing Room Filing Pockets – Smart idea for all those old patterns.
  3. Lovely Scissor Holder and Organizer – A very popular project with our readers!
  4. Framed Office Supply Holder – This could easily hold fabric pencils, scissors, and seam rippers.
  5. Ten Minute Organizer – Make this during a commercial break.
  6. Wall Pocket Organizer – Versatile idea with big style!
  7. Handy Dandy Organizer – I don’t know how I lived without this.
  8. Minimalist DIY Magazine Holder – This could easily be converted into a pattern holder or fabric organizer.
  9. Craft Room Hanging DIY Organizer – Fabulous and flawless!
  10. Storage Staion with PVC Cubbies – This is the perfect way to use budget-friendly ideas to make your own desk.
  11. Denim Pockets DIY Organizer – Old jeans create a big collection of pockets!

What is your favorite way to organize your sewing supplies?