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What We Loved This Week: Anthropologie Copycat Patterns

Each I go to the mall or visit the city, walking by Anthropologie is simultaneously painful and delightful. The clothes and accessories are so cute–SO CUTE!!!–but the prices are, quite frankly, outrageous. I know I am not alone in feeling this way, which is why it feels extra exciting to get to present this Friday’s installment of “What We Love This Week.”

If you’re thinking you’ll never have the opportunity to rock an outfit from Anthropologie, stop that right now. The truth is, you absolutely can, and you can do so by spending a fraction of the retail price. How? By making these adorable skirts, curtains, pillows and more all by yourself! These free sewing patterns are easy and extremely cute. We even threw in a couple on-sewing patterns we could not resist for all you multi-faceted crafters out there.

Anthro-Inspired Patterns from AllFreeSewing

Anthropologie Ruffled Skirt Tutorial

Affordable Anthropologie-Inspired Tote

Anthropologie Work Skirt

DIY Anthropologie Hanging Bag Holder

DIY Anthropologie Orimono Pillow

Anthropologie Smoldering Hues Shower Curtain

Anthro Knock Off Akela Necklace

Anthro-Inspired Patterns from Around the Web

Anthro-Inspired Beaded Post Earrings from Jamie B Hannigan

Anthro-Inspired Sumer Clutch from Tangled Happy

Anthro-Inspired DIY Skirt from Riva la Diva

DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Lamp Shade from Another Crafty Day

Anthropologie Leather Belt from Kojo Designs

Anthropologie-Inspired Chunky Cowl Pattern from One Dog Woof

Anthro-Inspired Heart Pillow from Hearts and Sharts

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Which of these free sewing patterns are you most excited about?