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29 Wristlet Sewing Patterns: Clutch Patterns and More

Have you ever gotten lost in your own purse?

You know what I’m talking about. Like when you’re checking out at the grocery store and are holding up the line because you can’t find your wallet in your giant bag. Or when you want to reapply lipstick during a dinner date but can’t find the little tube in the black hole that is your purse.

Pretty Pink Peony Bag

29 Wristlet Sewing Patterns:
Clutch Patterns and More

We’ve all been there – inside the bottomless pit of the too-big bag. But don’t worry, there is hope for getting out and getting more organized with what you take with you on the go. The answer: the wristlet.

Dreamy Ruffled ClutchWristlets and clutch purses are fabulous ways to pare down what you pack in your bag. They’re also super cute! While there may not be a ton of wristlet options at the department store to fit every occasion, there are plenty of options for making your own purse! It’s pretty easy to sew your own accessories, and we’ve got some great ideas for you.

From vintage to trendy to simple to complex, you will definitely find the wristlet you need within this list. Check out the 29 amazing wristlet sewing patterns below.

  1. Dreamy Ruffled ClutchLetters from the Past Purse
  2. Easy Afternoon Wristlet
  3. Perfect Pleated Pouch
  4. Champagne Leather Clutch  Perfect for weddings
  5. Letters from the Past Purse
  6. Zippered Rainbow Wristlet
  7. Gathered Clutch
  8. DIY Clutch Pattern with Garland  NEW!
  9. Party Girl Purse
  10. Chevron Wristlet Pattern
  11. Piano Keys DIY ClutchGathered Clutch
  12. Lovely Lady’s Purse
  13. Little Man Diaper Clutch
  14. Half Hour Circle Stitch Clutch  Super easy
  15. Placemat Clutch Tutorial
  16. Always a Bridesmaid’s Clutch
  17. Giant, Easy Clutch Pattern
  18. Chic Chevron Envelope
  19. Vintage Patterns Clutch Purse
  20. Simple Fold Over Clutch  A date night must-have
  21. Royal Rosette Wristlet
  22. Patternless Purse
  23. Outrageously Easy Rug ClutchVintage Patterns Clutch Purse
  24. Make This Bag Yours
  25. Never Drop Your Camera Pouch
  26. Patchwork Wristlet
  27. Pretty Pink Peony Bag  Great for summer!
  28. Baby Changing Mat Clutch
  29. Dainty Leather Clutch Purse


Which items do you always have in your purse?